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Visiting Sighisoara, in the heart of Transilvania

Nowadays Sighisoara only counts 30 000 inhabitants, a small town also. But professionally speaking, is the uncrowned capital of the touristic Romania.
On the narow Medieval streets of Sighisoara fortress. You may see the Clock Tower.

Reaching Sighisoara from any direction, you will be mesmerized by its clean Medieval aspect. A masterpiece indeed, so nice, that many people ask : " How was Sighisoara spared by the destroy of the Communism?" If you are familiar with the German Gothic and Baroque architecture, you will be at home in Sighisoara! Which had been for centuries a Saxon city and fortress in Transilvania.
During the Carnivals of Sighisoara, the Medieval toilets are a must

The Fortress of Sighisoara (German Schassburg) is very well preserved and probably once again unique, as it is still populated today. Some of the local German Saxons come back in pension, due to the low costs of life in Romania. Within a short walk you can reach the Clock Tower (requires reparations), History Museum, Dracula House, and the wonderful Fortress Square. A little bit further, after a short ascension over 200 stairs you can reach the Church Hill and have a wonderful panorama of the city. The Church is worth a visit ( a small fee to be paid) as hosts some interesting artefacts from other fortresses of Transilvania, and has a centuries long history behind. The neighboring cemetery is very interesting and again historically significant, with the graves of many German rulers and archbishops. After all these efforts you will be rewarded in one of the town's many restaurants, maybe even in Dracula House! Is not the only one in Sighisoara, of course, but has excellent service and  good King's meal. About the price, don't forget the Historical charge.
Eating in Dracula House is still an event, and fortunately not a dangerous anymore

If you are tired, and it is summer, forget any hope to get a room, the town is overcrowded. You need reservation and booking, of course. Even at Binder Bubi, the best hotel in the town, with 5 stars, everything is booked. Also important, in summer there is a medieval festival on the last Sunday of July, with camp fires and fancy toilets. Keep in mind, is important, maybe you want to take part, or you want to avoid.
Restaurant of the Hotel Binder Bubi Sighisoara proudly holds its *****

So many things to do in Sighisoara. It is surely a mistake coming to Romania and neglecting Sighisoara!

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