marți, 2 octombrie 2012

The leading travel agency in the today Romania

As I have a good experience in presenting Romania to the foreigners, I wanna share with you, as you must take a profit from this experience of mine.
Karpaten (German for Carpathians) made a good choice of the best Romanian  hotels. 

Before 1989, in the Ceausescu time, the Romanian tourism reached some peaks, which seemed long time to be untouchable. The centralized economy facilitate low prices, and in the early 70ties Romania was really booming. After the dissolution of the communist power , on one hand the prices rose, and on the other hand  the centralized structure perished. As an immediate result, the foreign tourists fled away, there are many good  destinations in the world, and the travel industry is very competitive. I personally have been working as a travel guide and travel director in the communist times and a few years after. Since 1998 it was such a deep crisis in this branch, that I had only a few groups.
Going on the Romanian Blackseacoast is an event, booking through Karpaten  is even very cheap.

But meanwhile Romania made excellent progresses in the field, and the real professionals started to emerge. Despite the very insignificant state promotion, private owned companies, hotels,travel  agencies appeared, and many of them already vanished. During all these long and difficult years one agency managed to keep and even enlarge its portfolio of clients. Karpaten Turism is in my opinion the most reliable private travel agency in the today Romania, judging based on more factors, but before all the personal experience. Being a tour guide in Romania at Karpaten is a big pleasure and a deep honor, and even an impulse for better work. I always felt an excellent support from the incoming department (Catalina Halauca and Madalina Leu) and the programs I made for this company were simply fantastic at very reasonable prices. The tourists (a group fromNorwa y, a froup from Swiss) have been mesmerized by the program (don't forget my personal contribution, please!) and pledged me to come again.
But in the mountains too Karpaten offers dream packages

I am very happy having found this company, which is Romania's best for incoming, as I can serve better the interests of the tourists. They have good contracts, after days of negotiations, and excellent prices. They managed to set up a good structure for incoming tourism who proudly stays next to the achievements of the Ceausescu regime, but in a very different manner, due to high level and quality of the people working in this company.

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