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Romania for honeymooners

Unfortunately, Romania is not seen as a destination for for honeymoon. It is not right, it is not correct, and it is not true, and I will explain why. Please,reconsider your approach seeing Romania as an important destination  for your honeymoon.
Maybe you'd like to be bride in the Romanian popular dress, which is very rare and exotic even among the Romanian brides nowadays

First of all, you can make your wedding here, in an orthodox church, goes so deep inside! It is touching indeed, and lasts 2 hours. For the non-orthodox would be a problem, they need prior to baptise, which is a separate ceremony, and is practically impossible to have both in the same day! But doing this you will feel yourself filled (remember from the Greek, orthodoxia=right religion!) and doing this you will have a perfect balance between mind, body and saw!
I wish you to have such a huge wedding as the daughter of the Romanian President Traian Basescu (here in the churc, during the religious ceremony)

After the religious marriage, or even prior, bag you pardon, you need the civil ceremony, when the Mayor shall pronounce you man and wife for the rest of your lives, no matter how long it seems nowadays! At evening, the feast, lasting all night long, because all the friends and relatives would like to take part and celebrate! Be sure to order more sorts of wine, in big amounts. Be sure to dance a lot, having a good orchestra, and be sure to have a wonderful time. It is unforgettable for the bride and the gloom, an important day of their lives.
Honeymoon on wine tasting, why not? Romania's many vineyards will facilitate a long exciting trip

After that you might need a day for rest, and afterwards you need some privacy, find a place for your own! The gloom must be a wine afficionado, I am very sure; and if the bride shares the same passion, we can have wine tasting a milestone for your original honeymoon. In this wonderful season, a long Autumn, I am going to organize special wine tasting of Muscat Ottonel and Feteasca Neagra in vineyards, staying there in the manors! Remember that Feteasca from Romanian means young girl wine, and make distinction from babeasca (old maid wine). I am going to spare you during the honeymoon from Babeasca, you won't get any drop.
An isolated cabin in the mountains is a good option for honeymooners

Another possibility is going in an isolated chalet in the mountains, where you can get all the intimacy you need. Keep writing there in your book of souvenirs for the latter years, make short walks. You are a small piece in a puzzle, which is your Earth and the Universe. Most important, stay in peace and harmony with the Universe, maybe you will experience even tantra!
Travelling on a ship on honeymoon is like a dream coming true

Also recommendable for honeymoon in Autumn: a trip in Danube Delta, starting from Tulcea, of course. Very relaxing and romantic indeed to discover other living creatures of the Universe. And from time to time you can go back in your heated cabin, under the deck!

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