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Braila, the sleeping beauty

Braila is an interesting wonderful city in the south eastern Romania, on of the most important Danube ports in Romania.
An example of brillant old architecture in Downtown Braila, where you can see the glory of the past

After the dissolution of communist power in 1989 Braila falled in a deep recession, and the economic decline is still progressing today. Nevertheless, there are many things to see in Braila. Consider only the simple fact that 100 years ago Braila was one of the most important ports in Romania, which is not anymore, due to ascension of the marine port of Constanta. Visiting Braila in the Downtown one can feel doubtless the past prosperity of the city. Special mention for the cereals trader having their base in Braila, 100 years ago. Mainly Greeks, they were wealthy indeed, and you can see still an interesting Greek orthodox church build by this community.
You might love better the modern Braila, with its amazing fountains from the Civic Center

Very interesting in the history of Braila: during Middle Age has been ruled by the Turks for 400 years, and the legendary Romanian ruler of Moldavia, namely Stephen The Great, set it on fire in 1470. Braila still counts today 130000 inhabitants and during the communist times was an important industrial center. But all this industry was obsolete and decayed almost totally after the fall of communism. Legendary in Braila: it was an important big factory for manufacturing creamy biscuits, under name of Eugenia. I had an aunt working there, and every time when visiting she brought us special biscuits, with many cream, much more than usually. Braila is an important transit point for the tourists going to Tulcea and Danube Delta (Danube crossing only possible by ship, towards Macin and Tulcea).
Braila at the peak of its glory at the end of the XIXth century; back in the ground is the Greek church

Fascinating in Braila was always the mix of populations, ethnic groups and minorities (Greeks, Turks, Romanians, Bulgarians and even Jews add a little to the cosmopolitan spirit of this city). Braila is known for its wonderful girls, and for the dangerous underworld ( totally avoid at night some quarters with bad reputation like Brailita and Chercea!).
This is also Braila, in its most spectacular aspect: the enlighted fountain from the Civic center at night

Visit in Braila first the downtown, and then the modern center with interesting fountains. Visit the Art Museums, and the most interesting city's churches: the Greek church and the  St. Michael church ( which was 150 years away a mosque, transformed in a church. looking carefully you can still discover some hidden signs of the oriental art, e,g arabesques on the ceiling). Don't miss a walk  on the Danube cliff which is very relaxing.

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