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Tulcea, the turning plate of Danube Delta

Danube delta is an amazing huge teritory transforming itself from day to day, due to the deposits brought by the River. Danube Delta is one of the favorite targets of the tourists and travelers in Romania, so you can't miss it. Danube Delta has a particular charm, a few of the tourists stay here for the rest of their lives.
Tulcea is more than anything else the turning plate towards Danube Delta, and consequently a touristic port

There are many possibilities for visiting Danube Delta, shorter or longer, according to the time and budget you have for it. Most important, all these trips in Danube Delta starts and ends in Tulcea. The city of Tulcea hosts even the administration of Natural Reserve Danube Delta.
Very important for locals, as also for visitors: Tulcea has many flowers

But Tulcea is itself a nice city to see, and a nice place to live too. It hosts nowadays 100 000 inhabitants, which are busy in fishing, tourism, navigation etc. The city lies on seven hills, similar to Rome and Iasi, and was existing already in antic times, under name of Aegyssus (Greek colony from the VIIth b.C.). Further came the Romans, Bulgarians and Turks. During Middle Age after destruction due to migrations the city has been deserted for 1 century.
Tulcea by night is very picturesque, relaxing and spectacular. Also very safe.

There are many hotels and restaurants in Tulcea. At night in summer you can walk on the promenade along the Danube and eat quietly on one of the many restaurants (some of them are on ships, and if you are a fish freak, as I do, could be the paradise for you. Ask in restaurant Aegyssus about fish bechamel sauce, and you'll be delighted.
Wine tasting in Macin, 30 km away from Tulcea

From Tulcea you can make trips not only on water, but also on land, e.g short trips to the vineyards from Niculitel and Murfatlar, where you will take part to long wine tastings for sure (there are some special sorts of wine to be found exclusively in these exquisite locations, more details on place).
If you are an art freak, The Art Museum from Tulcea is the right place for you.

During the Day in Tulcea, waiting for the ships, you still have many things to do and have no time to sleep. Check the Art Museum, or The History Museum of Danube Delta and you will not be disappointed, I bet, but you only need a few hours for anyone of it.In the Delta Museum you will find an excellent organized aquarium among others artefacts, as the Delta was an issue for all the European powers, due to the possibility to control all the trade on the River. In the Art Museum you will find surprisingly much masterpieces of Romanian and foreign painters.

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