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How to discover the best places in Sibiu

The truth is that Sibiu has many hidden corners, waiting to be discovered. It is one of the most touristic cities and Romania, and has so much to offer to any kind of travelers, starting from backpacker to seniors of 55+. You can, of course, to discover Sibiu on your own in your specific way, and you won't be disappointed at all, it is the best Romanian city for such unscheduled travels and discoveries.
If you hurry up, you can still get and see the Christmas market in Sibiu, which is an event and a must, comparable with other important ones in Budapest or Vienna

These days in Sibiu takes place the Christmas market. It is by far the best in Romania, comparable with the Christmas markets from Budapest and Vienna. Of course, another reason to enhance the local pride!

There are many myths and legends about Sibiu, based probably on real facts. For example e.g. at 1002 a shepherd named Herman, coming from Nurnberg, Germany on mysterious way looking here for his chance. He was simply seduced by the beauty of the landscape, and build a wooden cabin on the river Cibin. He called after other German colonists and thus appeared the Hermanstadt (city of Herman, as translated from German).
Bruckental Museum in Sibiu, Piata Mare

The are many places and buildings in the city remembering the German and Saxon traditions here in Sibiu. You will understand why the people used to call it "The little Vienna". Start your Sibiu walking tour from Piata Mare, which is a huge central marked, successfully rebuild, which hosted during the Middle Age all the social life, starting with executions or the shame pillar. Nowadays the people are more peaceful, and Piata Mare hosts rock concerts and a few lovely restaurants (starting with Imparatul Romanilor/ The Roman Emperor which is the city's best and most exquisite hotel and restaurant).
Lower Town of Sibiu is more genuine than the Upper Town

The buildings around the market represent different architecture styles, but the combination is happily a good one, and doesn't cause any harm to the market. The blue building on one side of Piata Mare is the Bruckenthal Museum, a must see for any art freak! Samuel Bruckenthal was born in Sibiu and became during the XVIIIth century Governor of Transilvania, while Sibiu was the Capital of Transilvania. It was probably the best period in the history of Sibiu, when it was glancing before cities like Timisoara, Cluj-Napoca or Brasov.

Don't miss the Liar's bridge, where the young ladies proofed the strength of the love promised by their partners or the old Mayor Tower. Walk further and discover the other two markets in this part of the city, Piata Mica and Piata Huet.. You have many things to discover in the area, and if you got tired and hungry, needing a refreshment, I can recommend you Crama Sibiul Vechi, on str Ilarie Chendi, in a picturesque cave, where the waiters wear national suits. The kitchen is specific Romanian, and excellent, as also the prices, with 10 Euros you can get a three course menu with a glass of wine (take the unbottled house wine, please).

Continue your discovery travel in Sibiu in free air, visit the ASTRA park and museum which is very relaxing and offers traditional houses and crafts from more Romanian regions. It is simply huge, the biggest free air museum in all Romania, with 300 rebuild houses, wind and water mills. Not to miss: The Transilvania Sestine Chapel, actually a wooden church depicting Bible scenes for the knowledge of normal visitors.

Last, but not least: if you are in Piata Mare, after walking on str Nicolae Balcescu, you find another good adress: Continental Hotel and Restaurant, whose former name was Hotel Boulevard, a landmark of Sibiu.

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