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Best Family trip in Romania

I am sure you are very fond of your profession ,you have to, and took part to teambuildings in some places with you mates. I am also very sure that you have neglected your family. They can understand that, but with some limits and you must act before this issue becomes a problem.
The charming city of Bucharest is for sure your first target on a family tip to Romania. But not longer than one day,please

So, I propose you a family (re)building in Romania based on a concept  which I did not discovered, but I must remember you. First of all, never forget to enjoy the rare relaxing moments with your beloved one and the children. Please realize that these moments never come back and they are number one for you, much more important than the job. And from time to time, please go in a vacation with your family, I propose you Romania and a special selection for it.
The town of Suceava is interesting like its picturesque railway station

You can make this trip only on your own, with your family, or with a guide (not absolutely necessary, but funnier and more interesting!).  Arrive in Bucharest for the first day and stay there for a night in a good small hotel (avoid the exquisite business hotel, you really need something more private). On the next day do a Tour of Bucharest, visiting one of its museum (there is a wide choice, and depends only on your family's specific interests). After that, leave the big city in the afternoon by train or car, heading for Suceava, a charming town, and discover the painted monasteries. Stay there 4 days, and visit the town, the fortress, discover the hills and mountains in the neighborhood with their magnificent landscapes. Discover the monasteries, by bike eventually if you land there in summer and enjoy every minute.
A wine tasting with your family is a good occasion for rebuilding status and relationship

That region of Romania is the best for these family travels. Quiet, peaceful, clean with special people which are very happy welcoming you there. Really an event for your family life, you are going to feel it. If your children are boys, teenagers maybe, take them to a wine tasting, whether in a good Suceava restaurant, or even better in Cotnari, which is a famous vineyard only 100 km away. Your son(s) and wife will be surely enthusiastic about that.

If your children are girls don't miss the markets from entrances in every monastery, they have some special handmade works. And even if you, or them are not Orthodoxe, you can find interesting things in the  shops officially opened in every monastery. Observe the unique exterior painting and try to recognize the Bible histories about and the persons. You have a lot to do for your family, but you will get major compensations. Or you can allow them to attend Romanian gastronomy courses!

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