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Romanian Festivals in 2013 (part III)

October Festivals

 Bran, tree days by the beginning
 The Ancient Celebration of Sheepherds Comeback turns nowadays in a big Festival with lots of food and drinks.
The St Parascheva Church in Iasi is the main target for October

Sibiu, by the middle of the month, but only during the even years: The Movie Festival Astra
Iasi, one week long, by the middle of the month, The Iasi Festival, consisting on a traditional folklore Festival, but also on a church pilgrimage (The Saint Parascheva is the protector of the entire Moldavia). Many visitors, the city and its hotels are overbooked and overcrowded.
Bucharest, the last week, The Bucharest Festival, due to celebration of Saint Dumitru, the protector of the city.

November Festivals

Focsani, the second week: The Vineyard and Wine Festival
The peacefull town of Focsani is in the middle of big vineyard and hosts every Autumn a Wine Festival

Brasov, the third week, The festival of the Romanian and other minorities traditions
Timisoara: The Beer Festival. Yes, you can find in Romania good , even excellent, sorts of beer and become a beer sommelier. In Timisoara the beer production started 300 years ago, and they know what they do indeed.
Odobesti (Vrancea), the last week : The Vrancea Sheepherds Festival, with grill all over the streets. Don't miss the delicious smoked pemmican, which is not soft, and pairs the best with an easy, sweet and young wine (Must).
A cave in Odobesti, don't be shy when drinking, we have some reserves

December Festival

The 1st December is the National Day, and in some places is celebrated with military parades. Best cities to take part are Bucharest or Alba Iulia
Bucharest,the Middle of the month, one week long, The International Theatre Festival
Bucharest, the week before Christmas: Carols and other songs and traditions on Christmas
Tulcea-The Winter festival
Sighetu Marmatiei (Maramures): The Winter Festival (local winter folklore)

Important mention: the December Festivals are also organized this year,  and if you hurry up, you can catch them, keep in touch for it.

Important observation: during the summer months there are more festivals than in winter, and anyone can explain it, the conditions are much more favorable.

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