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Epic trips from Constanta on the Romanian Riviera

Supposing you are on the Romanian seaside for a longer or shorter time, and you must take a break from sun, bathing etc (due to sun burns, bad weather, or simply for changing, or because you want know in depth the cultural Romania). Tell me the scheduled time for your trip, between 1 and three days I suppose!

Well, you have for sure a wide choice. You can go to Tulcea and have a wonderful relaxing ship cruise inside the Danube Delta. You are going to need a good camera, the Delta is a protected natural paradise. You can taste some exquisite wines on the ship even, and you can taste also the fish soup (no one, but absolutely no one can cook it so tasty as the locals do). You can stay one day long, or longer, as you wish, and depending on how much you are going to like (but everyone likes, I can bet on it)
Tulcea is a gift of the Danube, and you can have excellent trips on the river, inside the Delta

Another possibility is driving along all the Romanian seaside, 150 km away. Visit all the Romanian seaside resorts, from Mamaia to Mangalia and Vama Veche. In Vama Veche you can simply turn, or going further in Bulgaria. If you really love water and sea, is a right trip! Observe the different properties of all these resorts. In Costinesti, e.g., it is almost impossible to sleep at night. This resort is renowned for its entertainment and very popular among youngsters and students. Vama Veche, on the contrary, has much more style. It is quite, relaxing, unbelievable cheap, and we hope to last in this state!
Ancient Greek artefacts in Histria

Another possibility is an archaeological tour to Histria and Adamclisi. Histria has been for centuries a Greek colony and port, and you can admire its ancient ruins. About Adamclisi there are some things to comment, for sure! Adamclisi is only 60 km away from Constanta, and that means less than 1 hour by car or bus. Observe the sunflower plantations, but also the vineyards (wine tasting in Murfatlar is almost a must do!).

The monument from Adamclisi is called Tropaeum Traiani and measures 38 meters in diameter, and 39 meters in height (shall this be the golden cut? The first impression about the monument is very positive indeed). It has been build to honor the Roman emperor Traian between the years 106-109, for a winning battle against the local Dacians, which took place in 102.  The clush was sharp and bloody. The Romans were better armed and equipped, while the locals fought sometimes only with empty hands. Observe the subtle ancient propaganda: the enemmies of Romans, no matter how brave they may have been, are depicted dying or being captured. The remaining foes of the Romans should draw the necessary lessons. Observe also   the local suits on the locals, very similar with the Romanian National suits from our days!
Wild beach parties in Vama Veche until dawn

The Monument from Adamclisi, as you can see nowadays, is actually a restauration.By the beginning of the XXth the archaelogists discovered the remaining ruins ( no more than a pile of stones!). Its restauration and inauguration in 1977 was a major success for the communist propaganda (nothing new under the sun)

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  1. So much to see and do in Romania, really looks like a wonderful place

    1. Perfectly right, Freya. I will keep you informed about best offers.