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Most important things to do in Suceava

If you plan to visit the painted monasteries from Bucovina, Suceava is the right place for lodging. The town has good connections to the Capital Bucharest, or Iasi, or even Transilvania. It is an excellent base for short trips to Voronet, Putna, Dragomirna, Moldovita and Sucevita, to name only the peaks.
The fortress of Suceava, the landmark of the city

But besides, Suceava has its own monuments and charming places, which you may not miss. The town is tighten to Stefan Cel Mare/Stephen the Great, and to the most glorious times of Moldavian history.

Suceava has an excellent position, to the intersection of trading ways from Russia to Transilvania, or from Poland to the Black Sea. Starting from the XIIIth century it became the Capital of Moldova for 200 years. Right here, in the lofty fortified citadel on the top of a hill, Stefan cel Mare welcomed many Turkish or Polish sudden attacks or sieges. The fortress last until 1675 when it was set on fire, according the orders of the Turks, which could not been disobeyed.

It is easy to reach the fortress, one of the city's main boulevard simply passes by. The outside walls are still good preserved and really look amazingly strong and reliable. Also,  from the inside separating walls has been kept arches and vaults. You can follow the defending system,, which is brilliant through its simplicity. In the good old times the fortress had one hanging bridge, as many narrow places, where the host could easily trap the unwelcomed guests. Walking through the ruins, simply to observe how little were all the rooms there.

Further, visit the old Mirauti church, which was the residence of the Moldavian archbishop, as also the very place where Stefan cel Mare was appointed and confirmed as the ruling prince of Moldavia. Very close to it the St. Dimitri church, build in the XVIth century, and still proudly carying a scuplture with the aurochs head, the coat of arms of the Medieval Moldavia.
The Mirauti Church from Suceava, very old and full of glory

If you are going to visit Suceava at about 15th August, search the Armenian Monastery Hagigadar, also called as the place where the dreams come true. You can be the witness of a very odd scene: hundreds of pilgrims climb on the knees the hill of the monastery, with a burning candle in their hands. After that, still on the knees, they go three times around the church. Thus, their hottest wish will come true. The origin of this behavior is losing in the old times. After the divine service, all the participants are invited to a ritual lunch ( or hurban, from Armenian), where they get beef rice, but also the delicoius, but strange, dumplings soup. These damplings are very specific to the Armenians, and are filled with meat.

If you wanna eat better, go to one of the city's many restaurants! I would mention first Bucovina and Casa Arcasului (excellent kitchen, good prices)

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