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Short trips from Bucharest 

During your longer or shorter stay in the Romanian Capital you have so many possibilities for entertainment, visiting museums, parks, having sophisticated dinners in fancy restaurants, etc. You can discover your own Bucharest, as it is really charming and has something for everyone!

Supposing nevertheless that you have the time and the mood for leaving shortly the huge city, you have also many options. City breaks in Ploiesti or Brasov could be a solution; also Pitesti, Buzau, Focsani, Galati or Braila will welcome you. But I have another propositions for you: visit a royal, refined and mystery palace, only a few kilometers away, namely in Mogosoaia.
The former ruler of Wallachia, Constantin Brancoveanu, was  a skilled diplomat, an art freak, who enjoyed wine and parties very much.

The position of the palace is breathtaking: in the middle of a huge picturesque possession with forest, park and lake, telling a secret story about an important Romanian ruler from XVIIth century. His name was Constantin Brancoveanu, and he was born at 1654, in an old aristocratic family. He was a gold and book prince, an excellent diplomat, enjoyed wine and parties (like many other Romanians). He has been also a Macchiavelli  disciple and follower, as an athlet Christi. . Due to his building and achievements,his complicated temper and tragic faith, he is the essence of the Romanian Renaissance. He succeeded to keep 25 years of peace, which was a good period for arts, crafts and everyday life. He even developed a personal architectural style, Brancoveanu style, present in many places of Romania.
The wonderful, yet mystery, Romanian Palace of Mogosoaia,  build in the Romanian Renaissance style

But the most important and iconic place for the Brancoveanu style is even the above mentioned Palace of Mogosoaia. The rich Brancoveanu bought Mogosoaia  at 1702, ordering immediately building of a smaller Versailles and parallel Royal court over there. For visiting the Mogosoaia Palace head first to Targoviste, but stop in the village Mogosoaia, and discover the Palace by walking.  Observe first the large shadowing alley bordered by big chestnut tree, and enter the left church, watching on the walls a painting of Brancoveanu and his family.
The Royal church from the left still hosts paintings of Constantin Brancoveanu and  his family

After balancing long time between the big powers around (Turks, Russians, Austrians) he was executed by the Turks at 1712 in Istanbul. The Turks asked him first to convert to Islam, but he refused, and was executed with his four sons together. History is so cruel and unfair sometimes! His sudden exile and decapitation let opened many speculations about its wealthy treasure, which has been not found up today, despite all the desperate searches, similar with Dracula's. Maybe you will be the lucky one!

After his tragic death, The Palace of Mogosoaia decayed and ruined, until 1912 when another Prince, Bibescu, decides to restaurate the palace, according to original plans and indications. We owe him the today aspect of Mogosoaia! The Palace itself is big, strong, but its lines are in a perfect harmony. On the ground floor, eight rooms for the servants, and at the first floor, the Royal flat and the huge Council room. On the side with lake view, observe what is maybe the most interesting thing in the all palace: A SUPERB BALCONY, VERY INTERESTING AND REFINED, a real oasis of rest and contemplation.

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