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Essential tips for discovering the Danube Delta

When it comes to discuss about Danube delta, there are a lot of things to say. The most important thing: more than 90 % from the European animal and vegetable species can be found here. You can make wonderful photography trips in the Delta, you can go fishing and also you can find many other things to do, I am sure you will never be disappointed.

To make an idea about the speed of stretching  Danube Delta: in the time of Moldavian ruler Stefan cel Mare (or Stephen the Great) the fortress Chilia was his possession, and was on shore of the Black Sea, an important  port of it. Nowadays from Chilia to the sea there are 40 km to go (this process happened in 500 years). The result is a convincing 1 kilometer yearly.
The villages and human settlements in Danube Delta are very rare, but they do exist, and you don't need to take all basic foodstuffs

For the car fans and freaks, stop thinking to discover Danube Delta by car. In many places is simply impossible, while in other protected areas banned. Please be reasonable and discover Danube Delta by water from Tulcea, on bigger or smaller ships. On the bigger ones you have the advantages of comfort and ammenities, while the little ones can access the most remote and hidden places. But it is possible combining them, and getting the perfect mix.
For the photo freaks the flying or swimming pelicans make the Delta delightful

Go for the Delta adventure in an appropriate, light, but comfortable suit, don't need to be fancy or fashionable there. Don't forget or neglect a raincoat, a cap or a hat, a wind coat.

The mosquitos are showing after 19 hours in summer, and it is wise and advisable to get a shelter before.Take with you creams and solutions against stitches, but also some antidotes against digestive diseases (the nearest hospital is many kilometers away, only in Tulcea, and is not easy reachable!)
Typical architecture for the houses in Danube Delta, based on the local resources

Listen and follow carefully all the advises and recommendations of the locals about dangerous areas, weather conditions, best places for fishing. Don't dare to dream about swimming in the river, unless you are a professional skilled swimmer, because the streams, the mood near the shores and the hidden rocks or wrecks are serious risks.

In the protected areas you need a special authorization for visiting, which is issued by the Natural Reserve Danube Delta Authority from Tulcea. If your visit is granted, and you have the permit, you need to respect some normal elementary regulations (no parking, no open fires, keep silence and don't break the trees).
A sunrise in the Danube Delta is a major compensation for all the risks you must take for reaching  this  fantastic area

There are some villages in the Danube Delta, as you can see on the map, nevertheless they are rarely and the food comes by water ( Danube Delta is one of the poorest inhabited European areas). Nevertheless, you don't need to take with you so much food, you will be able to find something in the groceries from these villages.) Vegetables are not easy to find, also the cheese, or replacing pelicula for your camera. Not to forget, tobacco and alcohol are very good for bargaining with the locals.

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