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 German Royal Castles in Romania

The modern Romania was set by the end of the XIXth century with the decisive contribution of the King Carol I, who was the descendant of an aristocratic family from Hohenzollern-Sigmaringen.

It was for sure not easy for the young king coming in a foreign country, despite his efforts to learn Romanian and to understand the strange philosophy and behavior of the Romanian people (also he converted to the Orthodox church). And under these circumstances he took the decision to build a castle which should be his residence during some periods, but also should remember him of his remote beloved first mother country. Who sees first the Castle Peles in Sinaia and the neighborhood doubts for sure to be in Romania, and feels much closer to the German Bavaria.
Peles Castle is an eagle nest in the Carpathians

Due to this castle, Sinaia is still today probably the most notorious mountain resorts in Romania. After His majesty The King Carol I. build the castle, many other prominents build houses here and came regularly as member of the Royal Court. The Castle Peles was build based on the plans and projects of the Vienna architect W. Doderer and K. Liman in the German Renaissance style, and could appear very charged for the today taste. But for an art freak a visit inside is surely a must, and could even turn in an event.
Mirror Room in Peles is one piece of the overwhelming 106 rooms

The Castle has 106 rooms, but don't worry, the guided visit will not lead through all of them! You are going to visit the Big Honor Hall, Council Room, The Old Music Room, Florentin or Arab Room. Observe and note everywhere the good taste : fine furniture, statues, pottery, Gold or Silver works, Murano crystals or Meissen and Sevres porcelain! Simply amazing and overwhelming, and remember that this is not all, only what I can remember! A special mention for the weapon collection, as Carol I was before all a warlord. There are 4000 pieces of weapons, dating back from the XIVth and XVIIth century.
The smaller Castle of Pelisor, you should see it once in your lifetime

No chance to have a lunch within the castle, it is not allowed even to have a coffee, but you will notice  for sure the Coffee Room, a favorite shelter for the gentlemen, where they could enjoy a coffee and a cigar. The King Carol I and the Queen Maria passed the way even here in the castle, and their succesor King Ferdinand build the Castle Pelisor nearby. Pelisor is little, comparing with the Big Peles, only 70 rooms, and was designed by the same Royal architect Karel Liman, and decorated by the Vienna artist Bernhard Ludwig. Very impressive is here the Golden Room, where the Queen Maria had the most important contribution, choosing Art Nouveau style and combining Celtic and Oriental elements. Also to mention, the painting collections of Gustav Klimt or E. Galle, still in fashion after 100 years.

Walk in the wonderful park, enjoy and feel Royal yourself.

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