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Epic tours of Craiova with the local myths and legends

It is said in Romania (popular joke) that the people of Oltenia (the area around Craiova) are very similar with the Scotsman, thinking to their pride and hot blood (but they are not so tight with the money, even on the contrary. If they adopt you and give their friendship, they will give everything what they possess, starting with the suits).

Thus, we could say that Craiova would be the Romanian Glasgow, forcing the comparison. The fact is, that the city of Craiova has a lot to offer and to say to any traveler, mainly in downtown. I propose you to discover Craiova starting with its churches, there are many, and I've made a selection.
The impressive Curch madona Dudu has an interesting legend

Most of Craiova churches have been build in the Romanian Brancovan style, meaning rich decorations, which are nevertheless not so charged like the rococo. First mention for Church Madona Dudu. According to the legend, the place was chosen after finding an icon of Holly Jesus' Mother (Madona) in a mulberry tree on this place (Dudu=mulberry tree, btw how far are you with the Romanian courses?). This icon had miraculous powers, and the priests used to carry it to the sick people, and if the the icon weighted heavy, there were no chances anymore for the pacient on  this world! On the contrary, if the icon was light, the suffering was supposed to recover! Admire in Madona Dudu Church the quality of the  painting, it is made by a notorious Romanian painter, Gh. Tattarescu. Visit further and compare other interesting churches, The St Ilie Church and and Holly Third Church. Finish your spiritual church tour of Craiova with the St Dumitru church, and its amazing icon of the St. Dumitru, made in Venice mosaic, which is really a masterpiece.
In a plain city, subject to drought periods, a fountain is a very important issue. Here  the Jianu fountain

Another landmark of Craiova, a plain city subject to long periods with no rains, are the fountains (Maybe similar to Bucharest). The fountains here are not so many, or so spectacular, but have a special touch and a big history.
The Jianu fountain was build by the local aristocrat Hagi Stan Jianu. From this fountain used to drink water another Jianu, Iancu Jianu (which was an outlaw and a local legend). 17 years long he has lived as an outlaw, escaped twice from the escort, and succeed to escape a death conviction, because a noble virgin wished to marry him. He was convicted and worked in the salt mines, but died very peacefully in his home from Caracal. He was short, using to carry always gun and knife. Other important fountains: the pig merchant' and the Popova.
The Romanescu park from Craiova  is a must for every visitor!

But after this long walk, you can relax in a wonderful place: Romanescu Park, also named Bibescu park, which is renowned in the all Romania. It was designed by the French architect E.Redont at 1900, which won an important award and recognition for this work. Redont strove himself for the park to seduce through its elaborated wildness, which was so appreciated in those times.. The works lasted 3 years long, and had a serious budget. Walk on the alleys, cross the bridge, look the ruins of the castle, the shelters and kiosks, the swan island. The park 96 hectars of vegetation, a big lake of 4 hectars, and a botanical garden! You need some time to discover this wonderful park!

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