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Romanian Festivals in 2013 (part I)

2012 is still on, you (or us) still have some good possibilities to celebrate Christmas, New Year,  with a plenty of wine and food. But we still can celebrate the current days: today, tomorrow. Thus I found some reasons to drink another glass of wine to you, but you are ought to do the same!

Thinking to the next year is not an easy task. First of all, we must reach it in the best shape and mood, which I sincerely wish you, with all my heart. Really hope that the Maya predictions will prove them wrong, and we will pay our taxes next year too.
In downtown Cluj Napoca there is a celebration on Christmas and New Year

I think that would be a good idea to schedule your trip to Romania for the next year based on the many feasts, carnivals and festivals scattered all year long in the most diverse corners of this wonderful country, as it follows

The New Year is everywhere celebrated, in the all country. Every human settlement marks it in its own way, and they will be really happy to welcome you there. The main condition is to drink some tzuica (strong plum brandy) , wine and to eat a lot. In many places these celebrations take place in the streets, and are really spectacular.
During the second week of January in Deva there is a festival of popular dances.
On the 30th of January in Iasi takes place the religious celebration of The Three Saints.
On the last Sunday of January in Campulung Moldovenesc is organized the Festival of the Winter Sports.
Authentic Romanian dresses in the central market of Sibiu

On the third Sunday of the Month in Targu Jiu falls the Festival of the Charming Water Sources (popular traditions and miners orchestras)

In Halmagiu (Bihor) The Kissing Festival was once a meeting place for the single, which nowadays turned to popular music and sheepherds' traditions.
These spectators are also performers

Resita hosts during the first weekend The Spring Festival, which is a folcloric one.
In the middle of the month in Paltinis-Sibiu we can see the Snow Festival. In Apata /Brasov the strange festival of Cock Killing coming from the XIVth century!

Through all the country you have the unique opportunity to celebrate The eastern, which is by far the most important celebration,in  church or private. Very spectacular indeed.

Also in April an important opportunity for celebration is the day of the Saint George The Warior. It is followed in all Romania, because there are many Romanians carrying this name, but the main target is the town of Saint George, by Brasov.


All this month long in Bucharest, Cluj Napoca, Constanta, Iasi  is celebrated the Festivinum, a Wine Festival. Best place for the wine afficionados, like me!

In a few villages of Maramures find , please, the peasant Festival of Fertility and Nature.

In Sibiu there is the Mayfest, when germans and germanophones gather together in the Dumbrava park.

In Brasov, during the first Sunday after Easter the spectacular festival of Junii Brasovului ( The Brasov Youngs).

Again in Sibiu the Jazz festival.

Allow me to continue tomorrow with the rest of the year!

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