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Best restaurants in Cluj Napoca

The wonderful city of Cluj Napoca, lieing under Feleac Hill, welcomes you in its very particular way. It offers a Central European urban flair, similar in some directions with Budapest and Vienna. It is a multicultural city, there are Hungarian speaking elites and universities, living peacefully with the Romanians.
Restaurant Agape in Cluj napoca is typical Hungarian, with self service and friendly staff

You need a few days to know, learn and love Cluj Napoca, and I already recommended a few of the city's exquisite hotels to lodge in. In every day of your stay in Cluj Napoca you can visit museums, walking, shopping etc, and being probably tired and hungry you are supposed to eat somewhere. An option is to in the hotel you stay, the restaurants are good and checked. But if don't make your way to the hotel, you can try to discover other restaurants in Cluj Napoca, as I also did, and am able now to recommend you some good houses.
Restaurant Casa Ardeleana in Cluj Napoca is one of the city's best 

The restaurant Etno lies even in the yard of the Etnographic Museum. It is a cheap one, rather a pizzeria, ideal for a hungry visitor of the Museum, combining the high spheres and the more terrestrial ones.

If you are in the shopping mood, and have just entered the Cora Comercial Center, you can't miss the restaurant Casa Ardeleana (Transilvania house), which is really traditional, with painted furniture and rural ornaments. Observe the big wood fireplace, where the food is still traditionally cooked, smelling fantastic. A rich collection of exquisite wines is also available. Unfortunately, the service is sometimes very quickly and not always carefully. The explication is the big number of customers.
Restaurant Roata 16  has style and an excellent kitchen, an adress to remember

It would be such a pity to visit Cluj Napoca without tasting the excellent Hungarian Kitchen, which means first goulasch and paprika. An excellent place for that is the restaurant Agape, under a glass roof, in the first floor of Hotel 1!. Self service cheap bistrot, no special wine or sophisticated specialities.

Restaurant Roata 16 is hidden and difficult to find, but offers some excellent Romanian specialties , e.g beans with smoked sausages. The position is also excellent , in a charming villa with flower garden. The restaurant also offers a wide assortment of soups.

If you are busy and don't need to stay long, only for enjoying a coffee and the snacks for it, try cafe BT (Banca Transilvania) where you can find the best espresso from Cluj. This coffee has a pregnant bank theme, while enjoying your coffee you can change money or whithdraw money from the bancomat.

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