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Best Hotels in Iasi

There are a lot of things to do in Iasi, which is a very nice cultural city, even a magical one I dare to say. You need more days in Iasi for sure, and nevertheless you won't be very happy when leaving it, feeling that you still have something to discover.
Hotel Traian was designed by Gustave Eiffel, 150 years ago, but still holds on!

The first mention as the best hotel in Iasi is for Traian. I can agree with you, might be a personal ranking and impression, it is to discuss. But doubtless the hotel represents the most significant and beautiful building in the city, designed by the renowned Gustave Eiffel. The staff welcomes you warmly, they are very kind and speak more languages. Not very expensive, thinking to positioning or other factors, a room costs only 80 Euros.
The spectacular hotel Unirea in Iasi, at night

Very close to Hotel Traian is a sort of local skyscrapers, Hotel Unirea. Going to the last floor you can have a charming panorama of this wonderful city. Also the rooms offer excellent views, mainly the upper floors. The rooms are very modern and comfortable, but the service only satisfactory, comparing to Hotel Traian.
The boutique spa hotel Majestic in Iasi

A little cheaper is the small pension Majestic. Also central, but quiet, friendly and warm, proposes unique rooms organized with good taste. Really deceiving was for me the breakfast, unfortunately, but I can only hope that the things have improved.

Discover the Iasi museums, once you solved the lodging, and make also small trips to Bucium or Cotnari for wine tasting. The life flows so relaxing here in Moldavia, comparing with Bucharest. Walking on the streets and mixing with all the students gives an excellent youth feeling. Don't you dare to speak more to the local beauties from the Medicine School, wearing white tight gowns even in their spare time!

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