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Most important things to do in Targu Jiu

Targu Jiu is nowadays an important city, with important coal reserves and electric centrals all around. It proudly counts 100 000 inhabitants, and suffered in 1960 an intensive systematization, due to the forced industrialization policy of the communist regime.
The Kiss gate would be a place to marry for anyone

Nevertheless, the city still has something to reveal to any tourists. Walking in downtown, on Calea Eroilor approximate 2 km you will see old houses, but most important than everything else, a few very interesting carved monuments, masterpieces of Constantin Brancusi, which could be evaluated starting from their weight in gold.
Memorial House of legendary master Constantin Brancusi in Hobita, 29 km away from Targu Jiu. Brancusi was an avangarde master, carving ideas and myths

Constantin Brancusi was born in Hobita, 29 km away from Targu Jiu, as a very poor boy. Since a little kid he was attracted by myths, legends, abstract thinking. After studying in Bucharest, he gone for Paris by foot in 1905, becoming there shortly a favorite disciple of big French sculptor Rodin. But he needed to develop his own style, and he did. Amazing and unbelievable, Brancusi started carving abstract ideas, having no prepared sketches. He registered big successes, his masterpieces are very hard to get and expansive. When his creations first entered America, one clerk put them in category of kitchen utensils, which made him to love America so much.
Old Architecture in Targu Jiu (here the University)

In 1936 he came back in Targu Jiu, rediscovering his roots, and made to the city an unbelievable present : more monuments to be exhibited in the central park of the city. Those monuments (Endless Column, Silence table, Kiss Gate) are the main attractions of Targu Jiu. Many pairs of lovers from remote corners of the country and even foreigners choice to marry in Targu Jiu, under the Kiss Gate, which is really a sensation.
The Silence table is another masterpiece of Constantin Brancusi in the Central Park of targu Jiu, and is dedicated to the heroes who fought and died

Targu Jiu lies in the hills, on the River Jiu, and is a good starting point for discovering the mountains on the savage streets of Valea Jiului and Transalpina. Also interesting in the neighborhood, the monasteries from Tismana, Horezu, Arnota.

Important things about the history of Targu Jiu you find further in The Muzeul de Istorie a Gorjului. The city appears for the first time in a document at 1406, but lies on the place of an important Dacian and latter Roman settlement, whose artifacts have been revealed only recently, due to to digging works to the above mentioned highways.

The locals (Oltenians) are very proud, speak much and quickly, have a hot blood and temper, very different compared to a Transilvanian, for example. There are many jokes on the both sides trying to put the other side in a bad light.

When walking in Central area of Targu Jiu you can discover a few upscaled restaurants, but notice first the tasty pies from the pastry shops all around. Probably you won't need to visit restaurants anymore.

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