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Prominent Romanians

I don't think that may of you, or even at least one, think about Romania when using a fountain pen. But the history fact is this: the inventor and patent holder is a Romanian, namely Petrache Poenaru, not very well known even among Romanians.
The Roman Emperor Traian is the ancestor of the today Romania

I also started this blog thinking to Romanian wines, and then expanded to all Romania in its aspects. And I did this to show to all the people, that neither, nor the other Romanians, or my foreign tourists are addicted, not at all. On the contrary, but a glass of wine is a wonderful thing for everyone who really loves and enjoys life.
The former legendary Romanian tennis player Ilie Nastase, a rebel bad boy of the courts

Well, we here are proud to be Romanians, due to our long history and our contributions to the world's culture and civilizations. Very well known is in the U.S the Romanian gymnast Nadia Comaneci; the tennis player Ilie Nastase was the first world wide awarded to be No 1 ATP. Ion Tiriac is another former tennis player, not so brillant like Nasty, but very notorious today as a business man (at the moment one of  the richest man in Romania). Gheorghe Hagi was a brillant legendary football player.
Nadia Comaneci at the top of her career

Digging deeper in the history, be aware that the first discovered skeleton of a Homo Sapiens was found in Romania. In the antic times, the Roman Emperor Trajanus, after conquering Dacia and beating Decebal (the both are celebrated like national heroes) raised in Rome its Column!
Traian Vuia is a pioneer of modern aviation, as other Romanians like Aurel Vlaicu and Henri Coanda

If I tell you about the Middle Age, I must mention some local kings who fought against the Pagans, thus protecting the wealthy Western World developing its culture. Let's name Stephen The Great and Michael the Brave; Iancu de Hunedoara had also Romanian blood.

The National poet is Mihai Eminescu, living in the XIXth century and being translated in many languages. Ask about the most important painter Nicolae Grigorescu at any serious art auction, and get one of his masterpieces, it is a very safe investment. Special mention for the Romanian sculpture Constantin Brancusi, who lived in the Paris vanguard of the early XXth century. Gheorghe Enescu is the most important Romanian Musician,  areal sacred monster, mastering among others Yehudi Menuhin.
George Enescu, master of Yehudi Menuhin

Nowadays, you must also know and notice that Inna is Romanian, but sings English. For the Opera freaks, think to Mariana Nicolesco, Ileana Cotrubas and Mihaela Ursuleasa.

It was a quick tour, and I find it  already overwhelming. I know much more names, but I only tried to mention the best known, to make you Romania familiar and bring it closer to you. At a glass of wine we are supposed to discuss much more than that, can't wait for it.

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