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5 Ways For Having The Best New Year Vacations

So, you are again supposed to live on vacation. After the mess from the last year would be maybe a good idea working on New Year, as you are a real workaholic.
Iasi is a good target for New year party, organized even on this market

But there are many other options to have a even better vacations. First of all, stop reading, stop any other thoughts (use all your strength, tantra, yoga, whatsoever), close your eyes and start concentrating on the New Year Vacations. Don't feel guilty anymore for not working on 31st December. Take the first decision: stay at home or leave!

Leaving means also visiting friends, relatives etc and is already an adventure, but a peaceful one. What about leaving for vacations? Now you must choose next: budget, ,medium or luxury, according your budget, time and mood ( respectively your wife's!). Whatever you choosen already, we wanna congratulate you, as being on the good way!
In many places in Romania, whether inside the cities, or at the country side, the traditions are very well kept.

Now it's time to refine your searches, and this an activity who will ruin your time, budget and irritation. Better hire a travel agency, if you can afford that, for Romania I have some recommendations to do!

But you must first take the major decision: where to go? Forget Rio, it is too hot, and forget other civilized destinations. I think it is obvious now, Romania remains the best and only target. Just joking of course, can't influence so much your thinking, it is entirely up to you!
Brasov would be very happy welcoming you on New Year 

Supposing you took the big decision of coming here, another question: would you like partying on the streets, or rather relax in a fancy restaurant, with a lot of food and drinks? If you are the street type, bear in mind that almost all Romanian cities offer a New Year party in the central market, with lots of champagne, concerts, lights and lots of crackers (don't be scare, it is not the local artillery). Traditionally, the best street parties can be found and discovered in Bucharest, Cluj Napoca, Brasov and Iasi and there is a competition to get the better artists for the shows. Even smaller towns like Focsani, Sighisoara or Suceava have a lot to offer.

If you are rather the restaurant type, first suggestion is Poiana Brasov, with its exquisite restaurants, followed by Constanta (personal opinion, the seaside has its secret charm in winter, without being overcrowded like in the summer season).

Last, but not least, the rural pensions from Bucovina, Bran, Lepsa which are very traditional, offering nevertheless all the modern ammenities. A tour, even a wine tour is not the best choice for the winter, due to the usually bad weather with lots of snow and frost.

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