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The best city breaks in Romania

Thinking to a city break lasting 1-2 days I wanna propose a special selection for Romania. I have made this selection based on the things to do in every mentioned city, hotels and restaurants, museums, airports. It is possible to organize the transfer, where we can't find an airport immediate next to the mentioned city!

The selected cities are selected all over Romania, and everyone is in the happy position to offer an unforgettable city break. So, these are my winners:

1. Brasov/Kronstadt, maybe the most travel oriented city in Romania. You can even ski in Poiana Brasov. At every step you will be welcomed by hotels and restaurants, giving the city an exceptional flair. You can take a walk in the centre and downrown, you can climb in Restaurant Panoramic  to get a wonderful spectacular view of the city. For gourmet, Aro Palace is also a target, there is a wide selection of exquisite wines. Landing in Bucharest or Sibiu requires a 100 km long transfer, also very easy and affordable.
The Black Church from Brasov is the biggest Gothic Cathedral in the South East Europe

2. Bucharest. The Romanian Capital needs a longer break, if I may to say so. This city is huge, you must only avoid it in summer, even the locals are going out in the mountains or to the seaside. It is really warm, nevertheless charming after 18 hours with so many open terraces to enjoy a glass of wine or a beer. Discover the Bucharest fountains with their legends, Bucharest museums and Bucharest parks. Walk in the downtown on the Magheru Boulevard or Calea Victoriei, which are really expensive, even comparing with other famous streets worldwide.
You can walk on Calea Victoriei from Bucharest, but avoid entering the boutiques if you are on a budget. They are really expansive

3.Iasi. hasn't an own airport yet, transfer from Bucharest lasts 5 hours, but you can also use the airports of Chisinau or Bacau (2 hours). I can organize wonderful breaks in Iasi, with wine tastings . Don't miss the Culture palace with its 4 museums, and visit Hotel Restaurant Traian, the city's oldest and biggest. The city is build on 7 hills, similar to Rome, and you can have a relaxing walk in this city.
The Culture Palace from Iasi is a must see for any art freak

4.Cluj Napoca/Koloszvar/Klausenburg is really international and definitely worth to your time. Take a walk in the downtown, be sure to visit the catholic church of St Michael and also the orthodoxe cathedral. Visit the New York Palace, today Continental Hotel. Other important points: History and Art museum. But first of all, observe the fantastic cosmopolitan atmosphere of the city sitting in a restaurant from downtown. You will be able to hear more languages, mainly Romanian and Hungarian, and the locals can easy commute among these two!
Cluj Napoca and the Orthodoxe Cathedral

5.Constanta, the old Tomis, is a must see for the sea lovers, but it is not limited to that! Its position on the seaside gives him some advantages, against other cities from Romania. The vineyards from Murfatlar and Niculitel are very close, and the city has a breathtaking History Museum. Coming in summer, you have at your disposition a wide selection of beaches. Coming out of the season, you will find a quiet peaceful city, which is also very affordable, you can stay on a budget for sure!  

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