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Things to do in Iasi

If you are young, you will love in Iasi the Bohemian atmosphere due to its many students. It is really delightful for every teenager dreaming to be a student in Iasi, counting also the very good fame of some high schools (The Medicine University is the biggest and most prestigious in Romania, also the Computer School from the technical University, which gave big numbers of employees in Google or Microsoft).
Almost to forget between so many other important museums: The Botanic garden is the oldest and the biggest in Romania and welcomes you

The city of Iasi proudly counts 240 000 inhabitants, with 80 000 students. The proportion is overwhelming, and during the vacations the city seems to be sad and deserted. It is a big difference comparing to Bucharest where the students are much more diluted inside the huge city, like a drop in an ocean.

When in 1859 Moldavia and Wallachia have been unified after centuries long fights, the newly formed Romania had for two years literally two Capitals, Iasi and Bucharest. But in 1862 the final decision has been made in favor of Bucharest, with the promise to reimburse Iasi with a huge amount of money (no penny at all has been payed). As a compensation, Iasi kept on developing its intensive culture life. There are theaters, universities, and museums in this picturesque city demanding your attention for three days at least.
The Church trei Ierarhi from Iasi build in Middle Age, with a special Architecture style  ( next to the byzantine style, there Turkish influences)

Visit in Iasi its wonderful Parks, Ciric and Copou and walk long there. Copou is old, nice and very interesting. The most important Romanian poet Mihai Eminescu used also the walk here, it has a statue in his corner, surrounded by the beloved  linden trees he depicted in some of this poems. You can find Mihai Eminescu in English, but if I tell you about Ion Creanga there are very little chances to have heard of him. Nevertheless, he is one of the greatest story tellers in the Romanian literature. He used to have a special language with many regional words, and nobody dares translating it in English or other foreign language, fearing the complete loss of the original richness and sweetness. His biography is also extraordinary, he was first a priest, but a rebel one, and has been cancelled after more  punishment.
The Lion Monument, from the Copou Park, not far from Eminescu's statue and Linden trees.

Wine tastings in Bucium, very near, are possible for the thirsty gorges; a little further in Cotnari is much more professional and exquisite. As we are at this chapter, if I shall to recommend one of the many hotels and restaurants in Iasi, that is doubtless Hotel Traian. Very old, very stylish, with a long history and many legends behind, is simply lovely and charming. You are going to love this hotel from the first sight.

For the culture freaks, a visit in the Culture Palace is a must do. Be aware that the huge building hosts four different museums, has an exquisite flamboyant  neogothic architecture, requires a small fee and a full day for a complete visit. You can also visit only for its museums, but it is difficult to make the choice among History Museum, Etnography Museum, Technique and civilization Museum and the Art Museum. Absolving this task of your Iasi trip asks for a visit in Wine and Vineyards museum from Hirlau.

Visiting Iasi is a pleasure and an event, but you must be very fit, as the city lies on seven hills, similar to antic Rome.

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