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Best places for Christmas celebrations in Romania

Halloween and Thanksgiving are a little strange, new and exotic in Romania, but I can promise to organize next year some interesting celebrations, as the globalization works. Keep in touch for that, I wonder how will the Romanians accept the idea, and how many foreigners will like to celebrate them far away from home. And don't forget the expats.

With the Christmas is completely different. There is a long tradition and a long story for celebrating Xmas. It is probably the most beloved day of the year, when the family holds together, waiting for the youngsters which visit them and sing carols. There is also the tradition of a rich table, a Christmas tree and the presents.

This is already merchandising of Christmas, and I don't have the intention to do something like that; on the contrary, I appreciate and love the genuine spirit of Christmas, where I can still find it. It is surely another story, another discussion.
Sibiu and his officially Christmas market is unique in Romania ( here the Liars' bridge)

Everywhere in Romania you may have a perfect Christmas, and it is a very difficult task to recommend one or many certain destinations, but I must do it. The first choice is of course Sibiu, the only Romanian city having an official Christmas market, comparable with those from Wien, Budapest, Prague etc. You must only remember to book in advance and be aware that the prices are high in that period of year.

Bucharest is another hit for Christmas. Everybody celebrates, there are crowds of Carols singers on the streets, there is a wonderful partying atmosphere. Visit one of the many churches of Bucharest on Christmas and you will be delighted, it is such a relief and a relax, and a wonderful occasion regaining yourself.
Bucharest has something magic on Christmas

As the religious and spiritual side of Christmas is   much more important than the commercial one, I can warmly recommend further Bucovina for celebrating Christmas. There are many churches there, and if you are on a budget they will host you. If the budget is not a such dramatic problem, you can choice one of the many hotels,motels or pensions in the area ( ask me, I have some fav and I will be glad to recommend you them). The only problem is the feast, simply too much! The wine is flowing, and if you want something stronger take tzuica (plum brandy) as a help for your digestion.
Suceava and Bucovina are a must for the people who wanna feel the genuine spirit of Christmas.

Thus you will have an unforgettable Christmas, and depends on you how long should be this travel and how much would it cost. Maybe is advisable to stay longer, celebrating also the New Year, but be very careful to your stomach and liver, the meals and drinks are delicious.

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