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The best 5 ski resorts in Romania

When I say you can do everything in Romania, I really mean it! Maybe some of us are already aware, Romania is a target for the winter. The Romanian Carpathians, in a certain region well known as the Romanian Alps, cover one third of the country.

There are a lot of possibilities of walking, climbing, hunting in these mountains, which are not so high as the Alps (highest peak in the Romanian Carpathians  is Moldoveanu, 2550 meters, easy accessible for a normal trained traveler.) Maybe not so spectacular like Mont Blanc, the Romanian Carpathians are covered with forest, very well populated with wolves, deers, bears etc. The last European virgin forests are to find in Romania, where else?

But let's limit to the winter sports freaks and spoil them. They ski, skate, sleigh and bobsleigh. When is summer in the Northern hemisphere, they head south in the Andes. They are amazing, these peoples: they really enjoy life, are very fit and stay on the slopes until night falls, making unorganized parties. Wonderful life indeed.

I invite all these winter sports freaks and afficionados in Romania, where I selected a few ski resorts able to organize a good vacations for them. So, this is my personal rankings:

1.Poiana Brasov
The winter in Poiana Brasov is really an event, and not anybody can afford it

Only 50 years ago on these wonderful places and mountains there was nothing, but the forest. Lieing 10 km from Brasov away and 150 from Bucharest, it is a main target on weekends even among Romanians. The foreign travelers are also delighted by the many slopes with different degrees of difficulty, the good hotels and restaurant. But you must take care to the budget, Poiana Brasov is expansive.
Predeal has a long tradition in winter sports and usually a lot of snow

Predeal is much older and has a good tradition in winter sports. Very close is also Sinaia, with other slopes, so the forecast is simple: if we don't find snow in Sinaia, than we shall find in Predeal. Thus, everybody is really happy.

Important remark: you can reach Sinaia, Predeal, Poiana Brasov from Bucharest on the A1 highway, but you must avoid driving from Bucharest on Friday afternoon, and also driving towards Bucharest on Sunday afternoon, due to the huge aglomeration caused by the week end rush.
3.Paltinis is very close to Sibiu, very nice and picturesque, but seems to be a little neglected. Nevertheless, has everything necessary for a quality skiing and a wonderful time.
Paltinis is nice and traditional, but also very affordable

4.Ranca is much newer, the newest actually, being heavily promoted only since a few years, together with Transalpina mountain highway. The acces is difficult in winter.
Ranca is easy reachable from Targu Jiu, but sometimes in winter the access is almost impossible due to closing of transalpina highway

5. Borsa, Maramures is also still young and also good for  beginners. This is a rising star, slopes for trained skier must come soon.
Borsa is the rising star of the Romanian ski resorts

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