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The best business hotels in Cluj-Napoca

Cluj Napoca is such a wonderful city and really deserves a few days from your time. There are a plenty things to do in this charming location, which seduces with its peaceful multilingvistic and multicultural  flair.

Supposing you are businessman, or dispose anyway of the daily budget of 50-60 Euros. With this budget you can get a good average three stars hotel with breakfast ( to the limit I also selected ** or **** hotel). We should avoid the very centre, simply too noisy, overcrowded and expensive.
The good Hotel Victoria in downtown Cluj Napoca

Only 5 minutes away from the downtown you can find Hotel Victoria, the meeting place of the exquisite clubs Lion and Rotary. The kitchen is only satisfactory, the stairs looks fantastic with its lamps, but the rooms  need a refreshment.

10 minutes away a typical business hotel, the Best Western. It is totally blue for sure, is standard comfy, but has a good kitchen and a wonderful attractive bar, visited by the rockers, being totally dedicated to personalities like Elvis Prestley, Buddy Holly and Rolling Stones.
The conventional Best Western Topaz Hotel, whose bar is totally special, meeting point of the local rocjers

Also 10 minutes away from the downtown, but in other direction a nice surprise: Hotel premier **** at costs of three stars with a dynamic super team lead by Lucian Stanciu, who strives to salute every guest personally (when i arrived, 11 hours p.m. he was there, but also when I left at 6 hours in the morning he was already there.)  Don't need to say anything else about the service or about the kitchen (don't miss the delicious crepes suzettes/pancakes filled with confiture). So, probably the most interesting and advisable stoppover in Cluj-Napoca for this budget! And I can reveal you another secret: as Cluj Napoca has a strong football team, namely CFR, his counterparts from Romania (Steaua Bucuresti, Dinamo Bucuresti) or from abroad always make the choice to stay here.
Hotel Premier offers **** service for ***prices and a lot of space
General manager of Hotel premier, Mr Lucian Stanciu, takes always the time to speak personally with all his guests.

A little bit further from the downtown, maybe 30 minutes walking, the Hotel Sport** was first for sportsmen oriented, but meanwhile its esteemed clients turned to be businessmen  with much higher requests on service quality level, but the team managed to solve all the possible problems. You can find here a good kitchen and a good service in hotel and restaurant.

Hotel Sport is far from downtown, but offers major compensations

If your budget is lower, we will find solutions and recommend them to you on another occasion. And if you have a bigger budget we also have solutions, choice Opera plaza  in the downtown for 120 Euros at night.

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