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Hidden facts and legends about Galati

To the first sight the city of Galati seems to come by accident from a science fiction movie. Very populous (300 000 inhabitants living in the typical blocks of flats from the communist time) and having as economic engine an overwhelming steel complex, Galati has nevertheless many things to reveal to any tourist.
The Administration of Galaty county is a 100 years old building, Neoclassic style

From a historic point of view, the region has been resided since Neolithic, as some artifacts are able to prove. Those artifacts have been found in the central area of Galati and are now exposed in The Galati History Museum. Later, after Roman occupation, a fortress has been build in Barbosi, 10 km away. In Middle Age starts the ascension of Galati. After death of Stephen the Great in 1504, the Turks captured other Danube ports and Galati remains Moldavia's only one, strongly stimulating its wealthy due to intensive trading (mainly, but not exclusively, grains exports). In 1850 Galati was already a big city having a local intelighentsia, where the strangers could easily get lost ,and becoming the second important city of Moldavia, behind Iasi! Because the big importance granted to the control of Danube trade, all important big powers have grounded consulates here.
The huge steel plant of Galati, one of the city's winning trumpfs

But this ascension was not not linear and continuous, as I describe it. Remember the many wars and clushes between Russians and Turks, which lead every time to the total occupation and partial destroy of the city. And remember also the repeated outburst of plague, lasting up to two days and producing many deaths. The last big destroy found place during the WWII when the central area has been totally ravaged.
The waterfront of Galati offers a relaxing walk

In 1950 Braila and Galati (the both are Danube ports at 10 km away) were cities of rough same size and have been issued plans to join them. Locals of Braila refused, being much prouder than the people of Galati. Nowadays Galati is twice as Braila. Galati caries on its development, while Braila experiences bad times!

On unknown reasons in Galati has been burried the Hetman Mazepa, an Ukrainian national hero, and nowadays two city quarters carry his name. Also very interesting in Galati: in 1938 were inside the city 26 working synagogues, comparing to only one today.

If you wanna have an indepth view of Galati, drive through the huge steel plant and the sad districts you meet first when entering the city. Go further, to the downtown on the Domneasca and Brailei street. Here you can find the malls and supermarket, the leading city hotels, the Visual Arts museum and History museum, even the University lies in this area. From that area you can walk further to the waterfront, having a nice relaxing atmosphere.
The Navigation Palace in Galati stays on a soft soil and has special solutions for  the set up

Very good for us, the first impression did not confirm at all, remember only the last one.

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