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Digital detox in Romania

Don't get me wrong, I am not against modern technology. No one can afford to be against these days when we think to social media, networking, marketing on the Net etc. But sometimes all these targets, and all those wonderful gadgets you have and enjoy using are simply too much, leading to addiction and depression.
Best place for digital detox, with the purest air in Europe: Soveja, Vrancea county, Romania

Hard to say when one can say to be digital addicted. Maybe when he is not able anymore having contact with people without prior contact by the computer; or maybe when one can't stay longer than 30 minutes away from computer. There are not very good specialists   to set this diagnosis, I repeat that you are the best doctor for yourself.
Soveja is even more charming in winter. There is a lot of snow. Here the terrace of the pension Perla Vrancei  (The pearl of Vrancea)

That's why I am proposing to you a treatment digital addiction here in Romania, as I searched a found an ideal place for that. I found a resort with a very clean air, containing mos ozone in the all Europe, namely Soveja, in the Vrancea District. I am asking myself if I will allow your cameras during this week of digital detoxification. The most important aspect, I need your total cooperation, but I promise you that you will be totally cured within only one week.

Basic regulations: no laptops, no smartphones, no Internet access. During this week we are going to do some small trips in the neighboring mountains and in the village Soveja. From my personal experience, I can tell you that the first day is difficult, the second impossible and the third critical. During all these days a life coach will have more meetings with you, teaching new methods of approaching people, how to escape Internet addiction, how to escape computer addiction, dating without prior computer contact, spiritual integration in the Universe and other conferences according with your specific state and wishes ( conferences not available in electronic format) .
The pension Perla Vrancei in Soveja is a good place to escape and forget any addiction 

Everyday you are going to walk 30 minutes, run 15 minutes, socializing 3 hours and also do some meditation (the time for meditation increases progressively, reaching one hour in the last day).

Soveja is a mountain resort in Vrancea mountains (80 km away from Focsani, 300 km away from Bucharest), with much snow in winter. You will have all the meals and lodging for 6 nights/7 days in good rooms,coaching and airport transfers  costing 450 Euros.

An outmost important thing about this treatment: after complete recovery, take very big care on the way you are going to reintegrate in the society. Avoid meat, avoid alcohol, cigarettes, don't go back to exactly same way of life you had before the treatment. I checked on my own the results of these treatment, with excellent references! And there is only one major risk I can accept : you can develop a Soveja and Romania addiction!

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