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How to find the best hotels in Brasov

It is not very easy finding the best hotels in Brasov. As the most touristic city in Romania, it doesn't lack neither on tourists, nor on hotels. Based on my personal experiences and on what I shared with other travelers, I made a selection which could be helpful to you.

First, if you don't need to stay within the city of Brasov, you could stay in the neigborhood, in Poiana Brasov or Bran. About the hotels in Poiana Brasov, waiting their skiers clients or the wanderers, be very careful in the mid seasons or on week ends, due to the crowds of travelers coming mainly from Bucharest.

In Bran there are a lot of small hotels, villas and pensions along the main road. If you are luckily enough, here you can find a room without prior reservation.

About the good hotels from the very city of Brasov, you also need normally a prior reservation. The hotels are good, and the city very circulated, resulting in a huge traffic. Having a hotel in Brasov is surely a good business, despite the crisis!
Aro Palace is the normal first choice when thinking to Best hotels in Brasov

Thinking about Brasov and the good city hotels, my first choice is unfortunately also the most expensive. Being in downtown and walking there you simply can't miss Aro Palace, which has a long tradition, excellent service and a good cuisine. A room costs 100 Euros, affordable comparing with some locations from Bucharest, e.g. The golden interiors, the marble and  other golden ornaments compose a particular, but cold environment. Coming alone means that you are aware of some risks, the many groups coming here have a priority!
Hotel Postavaru is for the budget travelers

If you are on a tight budget, The Hotel Postavaru is very close, and a room only cost 25 Euros (no bathroom). Don't forget the wonderful position, and you must declare you very happy with this solution.

After presenting the cheapest and the most expensive hotels, let's think to the middle budgets. In downtown Brasov, in Piata Sfatului, you can find the totally satisfying Casa Wagner. It is small, familiar and charming with only 12 rooms ( 70 Euros for a room). Old furniture, sober interior of good taste make from Casa Wagner an important adress.
In downtown Brasov the House Wagner is a good target

Not far, maybe similar in a way with Casa Wagner one can find Casa Rozelor (The Roses' house). The house itself is very old, from the XVth century. The special of this hotel consists even on combining in style the old stone house with the modern amenities, and further in combining with a good taste the old stone with the contemporary furniture. Must see for art freaks.

The Roses house in Brasov is a boutique hotel with a touch of style

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