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Best Hotels in Bucharest downtown

The big city with its eclectic architecture is charming and welcomes you from the heart. It is a good start for your Romanian adventure, and you are going to need a few days for visiting and understanding Bucharest, Romania and their wines.
In Cismigiu Hotel is possible to avoid the noisy rooms opening to the main street!

Staying in downtown would be the first choice. Here are some good restaurants, museums, shopping possibilities, everything what you expect to find in an European Capital. Thus you are going to discover and create your Bucharest, and don't forget socializing with the locals at a glass of wine or beer.

You must make from the start a good choice, which is really decisive for your stay in Bucharest. Select your hotel according your budget (no chance under 60 Euros, breakfast included, the upscale goes up to 300 Euros), rooms availability (this is a job for me, believe me).

Near the Cismigiu Park you can easily find Hotel Cismigiu. 25 years ago when me and my wife were students in Bucharest she lived it, I can recommend something based on personal experience. First, if possible, avoid the noisy rooms from the front, opening to the main street. Also noisy and to avoid is the elevator, stay better to the first floors and use the stair. To be honest, I never got stucked in that lift, but I never liked it, is personal opinion. But other wise, the hotel is good, and a room only costs 60 Euros.
Vila Helga is the typical hostel in Bucharest

If you are really on a tight budget, there is no problem, you can still find your hotel in the downtown, which is actually a hostel! At Vila Helga you can stay for 12-22 Euros in separate rooms or shared dormitories, no breakfast included, but a cosy, young, friendly atmosphere.
Casa Capsa is a symbol of  the cultural bohemians and a landmark of Bucharest

Casa Capsa  is a symbol of Bucharest since 100 years. In the upscale restaurant here used to come, and still do artists, writer, prominent businessmen, I mean spirit people. The hotel has been just rebuild and enjoys the wooden works, lamps, carpets and deserves 200 Euros for a night. Unfortunately, the concierge is sometimes not very well mannered.
Hotel Radisson is very modern and comfy and will definitively spoil you.

If you are used living like a king, and money doesn't matters for you, at 300 Euros for night I could recommend you the prestige Radisson SAS hotel, with charming modern rooms, excellent service, swimming pool and restaurant with Romanian specialities and wines.

Well, something for every pocket, I think and hope. Still know other names, but that will do for the moment, I expect your requests.

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