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The best spa retreats in Romania

There are many possibilities to relax in Romania, and I have presented a few of them, and I would like to keep on!

About relaxing, maybe I should remember you that Ana Aslan was a famous gerontologyst, living in Romania and leading even in the tough Ceausescu times rejuvenating cures.  Bucharest was a world capital of gerontology, and many world leaders and prominents have been cured here. Ana Aslan had a legendary vitality and died in a good menthal shape at 90 years. Many of her medicines are still made in Romania, and largely used in the today spa retreats.
Ana Aslan, the founder of the Romanian geriatrics school, and founder of gerovital

And there is another important fact I will reveal to you: the Romanian Transilvania has a huge geothermal potential, it lies literally on a underground sea of hot water, and has an unbelievable geothermal potential. Many of the popular water pools in Oradea are based on this hot water, which is also excellent for fighting against rheumatism, carrying many salts and minerals.Several cities in transilvania are heated with these hot waters and heating pumps.

So, the result is that Romania could be a spa paradise, which is not totally true, as this kind of tourism has been neglected a long period! nevertheless, there are a bunch of excellent spa retreats you should count, if you wanna feel better and looking as the 18 years! Besides, you will agree that most of Romanian hotels have a very relaxed atmosphere. Unfortunately, during these long  medical cures ( at least 2 weeks) you may drink only two glasses of wine, once to the dinner and once to the lunch (forget the third, to the breakfast!). But count on me for recommending the right wines!

In my opinion, the following resorts deserve to be nominated as the best Romanian spa retreats :

1. Baile Felix, where a series of proofed treatments are being executed in the many hotels of the resort. Baile Felix lies on an underground hot water sea, amazing!. Visit the Hotels Nufarul and Continental, and book also a rejuvenating Aslan treatment.
Open pool in Baile Felix, with thermal water, near Hotel Continental

2. Baile Herculane has been correctly evaluated even by the Romans, 2000 years ago!  The strong Hercules himself visited the resort and took a refreshing bath there! 150 years ago was at the peak of its glory, many elites from Vienna and Budapest came here for relaxing.
One of the many pools of Baile Herculane

3.Techirghiol carries the name of a neighboring lake, whose sapropelic mood has special properties against rheumatism. Has also a good tradition; also the Romanian Black Sea coast is there and you have a wide selection of ways to have fun.
Fun at Techirghiol dea in the early 60's

4.Eforie Nord has a special treatment basis in hotel Steau de Mare, with mood from Techirghiol, spa, mecicines and Aslan cures. The treatment is possible all year long, not exclusively during the peak deason from April to September. So, you can book right now!

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