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Epic tours in Romania and the neighboring countries

Romania is cute and nice, I really love it, and maybe I will succeed to make you feel the same. I love Bucharest and other cities, I love wines as you know already, I love the Romanians and the other nice people living here (Hungarians mainly, also Germans, expats etc).

I will never stop loving Romania, it is one of the reason of keeping this blog, as the other one is my need for sharing it with you! About the position of Romania in the South-East Europe and its balanced relief I had other occasions to name it, I just wanna name now the possibilities to visit the neighbors: Moldova, Bulgaria, Serbia (SRBIJA), Hungary (Magyarorszag) and Ukraina.
The big quantity of concrete in Chisinau/Moldova is counterbalanced by its atmosphere.

There are many things in common with our neighbors, but we have also some differences. Along the centuries there were mutual influences which are still to observe for a trained eye, as you are, in gastronomy, popular dances, vocabulary etc. A fascinating research you can also lead on your own, but with your permission I will assist you! As Romania is an European country, member of EU, there is no visa needed for all these countries, but you need a passport or an identity card (for the EU citizens).
Varna/Bulgaria is very touristic attractive

Moldavia (Moldova) is poor, isolated and ignored and a trip there is a little adventure. The Capital Chisinau (Kishinew) is not far from Iassy, but you can count with a few hours delay to the border formalities. The Capital Chisinau has a too long experience of Soviet urbanization: has  many blocks of flats, bery grey in winter and very green in summer (there are plenty of parks and green in this city with 500 000 inhabitants). Amazing here is the nice flair and atmosphere, rather than any Architectural treasures. Very close to Chisinau is the huge underground cave from Cricova, which has some exquisite wines indeed and was the reservoir for all the Sovietic Empire. Also to mention: the cave monasteries from Orheiul Vechi or Tipova.
Belgrad recovers after wars and bombings quickly and succesfully, and is very picturescque in its old quarters

Bulgaria is easy reachable by train, car or by ship. Going from Bucharest you will discover first the city of Ruse wit its cute downtown, consisting mainly from fresh renovated building ( but I personally can't understand why some people name Ruse the little Vienna). Not far, only 20 km away the wonderful monastery of Ivanovo and the city of Veliko Tirnovo in a breathtaking landscape. Another possibility to discover Bulgaria is coming from Constanta and the Romanian seaside, crossing Balcic, Varna, Albena and other resorts.
Visiting Budapest ( not Bucharest, I repeat) is really an event

Serbia is to visit starting from Timisoara, 170 km away from the Capital Belgrad, which lies in a magnificent position and recovers after the wound of the last wars and fights. There is a lot of concrete in the city (e.g. Novi Beograd) but the charm of Belgrad is rather rural in some little markets, river beaches and quarter of Skadarlija with its narrow streets.

Hungary welcomes with its neverending plain and the nice villages visible from the distance, if you live from Satu Mare, Oradea and Arad.  You can observe and admire the puszta and the cities of Szeged (80 km from Arad with a few Art Nouveau buildings), Gyula (attracting the pastry addicted ond water freaks) or Debrecen (acces in the National park Hortobagyi) . Only 200 km away from Arad is the wonderful Budapest (don't take it for Bucharest, even Michael Jackson made this terrible mistake).
Kiev welcomes you in its way, with its many golden churches.Don't be afraid, is not anymore so expensive like  during the EURO championship 

Ukraine is our big neighbor from North and East, and we share with it the Bucovina (historically cut) and the Danube Delta. Only 70 km away from Suceava, Cernicvski (or Cernauti, on Romanian) is a cute drive, but lacks nevertheless on historical buildings or landmarks. 100 km to East, Kements podolski and its wonderful island city will attract you from the first sight. Afterwards, the wonderful Kiev with its many golden churches is a necessary stopover.

Discover all these neighboring country if you are on a longer Romanian trip, and remember that I can help and assist even for these destinations. But don't neglect Romania, please, this is the main target. 94K7B2BR73T7

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