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Shopping travel in Romania

Very few people see Romania as a shopping destination, and I think this to be a little profuse and not correct. Romania is well known through its wine tours, Danube Delta, Carpathian Mountains, painted monasteries etc. There is something for sure, but we are very proud belonging to this people with such a long interesting history, and don't like to stay behind other capitals with big shopping malls and center, e.g Dubai, Paris or Rome.
Calea Victoriei in Bucharest hosts the most exquisite boutiques, and would be very proud welcoming you

Bucharest is sometimes spoiled with the name  Little Paris, or Eastern Paris, or the Balkan Paris, due to the rich influences in architecture, coming from Paris, who was a sort of inspirating model for the Romanian Capital. In the Civic Center, on Calea Victoriei street, there are lot of fancy exclusive boutiques, where you can find excellent articles at (still) acceptable prices, comparing to other capitals. Further, in Bucharest, you can find the malls, really citadel of shopping and fun (Cotroceni Plaza, Promenada etc). You can spend a wonderful time there, for instance start with skating, eat something afterwards and go shopping. If you are tired, go to a movie, and fall asleep there!
Cotroceni Plaza Mall is the biggest in the city, a must see and  a paradise for any shopping freak

An important chapter where Romania is unbeatable is the craftmanship. You can still find all those guilds of craftsmen, selling their works at festivals or in the vicinity of well knowned tourists' destinations, like the painted monasteries from Bucovina or the Dracula Castle in Bran.

I will spare you from my wine or cultural tours if you come for shopping, I promise. That's why I prepared this short shopping tour (two days long).
Downtown Bucharest, on Lipscani street, with many antiques  boutiques

Day 1. Arrival in Bucharest Airport. Welcome by the guide, hotel transfer (**** good hotel). Shopping on Calea Victoriei in the most exquisite and sophisticated boutiques of Romanian Capital up to 13 hours. On special demand, lunch in a good Romanian restaurant. Short walk in the old center of Bucharest in selected antiques boutiques. Short rest in hotel (1 hour long) and afterwards transfer at Cotroceni Plaza Mall, where you have to work  other few hours. Dinner on individual wish at mall. Transfer back to hotel.
Day 2. Breakfast in hotel . Short trip to Sinaia meeting the craftmen and their products. Possibilities for special organizing of lunch in Sinaia (extra price). Return to hotel and transfer to airport.
Basic package: hotel B+B, travel guide, transfers, trip to Sinaia at 120 Euros.
According to your concrete schedule (depanding on depart and arrivals) the above mentioned program is subject to change. Let me know where do you come from, and if I shall reserve also the flight.

You can also let me know if you are going to do only a City Break in Bucharest (only one day long).

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