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Best way to discover the Hills around Buzau

Living Bucharest to East, after only 100 km of an endless boring plain you can see with a deep relief the hills of the Northern side of district Buzau. Discovering this intensiv village life in the hidden valleys of the hills announcing the Carpathians will be a big pleasure. The colored rural shows is played by the people, animals and the rich vegetation with a tremendous success. This plain-mountain hilly region is very particular, similar with nothing else in Romania.
The City Council of Buzau is the landmark

But let's start our discovery with the city of Buzau, which is not the best, but also not the last among Romanian cities. The city is an industrial one with 130000 inhabitants, and is one of the oldest in all Romania and looks nowadays typical Romanian. Observe the central market and its animation, and also the rroms quarters of the city (Simileasca, Chimica, Micro 14). Don't miss in downtown the fancy Mayoralty,older than 100 years and rebuild after the WWII. Despite its respectable age, it is impossible to see buildings older than XVIIIth century, as the city was subject of repeted destroys caused by Turks, or Earthquakes.
The House Vergu-Manaila in Buzau is one of the oldest in the city 

Every 6 year there is an Earthquake in the area, approximately 6 degrees Richter, and every 50 years a major earthquake of 7 degrees Richter causes big damages in the all Romania. The explanation is easy: this area Focsani-Buzau lies on the intersection of three major geological plates, namely the European, the Asian, and the African one, causing huge stresses.
The picturescue monastery of Ciolanu, 20 km away from Buzau

What you have to see in Buzau the Archbishop residence, observing the older one, from 1649 build by Matei Basarab. Also, the district Museum, worth your visit, despite the unhappy obsolete manner of presentation. On weekends and at night the main occupation of the locals is walking in the superb Park Crang. Seniors play chess, young married do photos, and young boys and girls are fixing each other. Buzau is also proud of its pretzels (secret recipe and ingredients), the local brandy (tzuica) or  wines (Dealu Mare, Dealurile Buzaului).

There are more sorts of wines in the area, the Reds (Cabernet Sauvignon, Black Feteasca) or Whites (White feteasca, Riesling, Muscat) . For the small familial farms, visit the villages of Soresti or Blajani . If it happens on the first Sunday of July, you are very lucky, there is the Wine Festival on place! More exquisite wines can be discovered in Pietroasele.
The Crang Park from Buzau is a major attraction, especially at nights and on week ends

A recommended target in the neigbourhood would be the Monastery of Ciolanu, 20 km away from Buzau to brasov. The Monastery is very old, very quiet ( excepting week ends)  and the monks buildings are covered in flowers, similar to the village. Next to the monastery you will discover the amazing sculptures of Magura. Going further to the forest, you can find the picturesque little village of Colti, the center of an area rich on amber. You can even find here an interesting Museum of Amber near the school (my tip: if closed, go and search the key to the Council!). If you are not tired, you can discover in the forest a few stone churches (no access for the cars). If you are lucky, you can still find some amber, took by the locals from their secret places ( the mines are closed from 1948).
The spectacular strange phenomenon of Moody Volcanoes in Berca

Another important attraction are the Mood Volcanoes from Berca. It is a strange phenomenon, the gas comes to the surface taking with it some bubbles, resulting in bigger or smaller hills of mood, similar to small volcano crater. Don't step on them, only observe from a safe distance, otherwise is dangerous! The visits are no more possible on bad weather (simply too much mood!).

Going further, you can reach Brasov, over the mountains, passing through some unforgettable landscapes.

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