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The best restaurants in Bucharest

If you know very good yourself and you are aware of your tastes (which you really should), Bucharest has for sure something for you. There are so many restaurants in Bucharest, it is simply impossible not to find the right one for you!
If you are on the go, take a satisfactory meal in a popular restaurant, e.g. Springtime

First, let's see what is your favorite kitchen. Due to the many expats from Bucharest, there are a selected brunch of restaurants catering at high quality levels in a foreign style: oriental, Lebanese,French, Italian,Hungarian etc. Nevertheless, stay to the Romanian Kitchen, I recommend it from the heart, and it is really normally to be set on this kitchen, because it is an intrinsic part of Romania. And there is another advantage, a major one, at the popular restaurants you can find the house wine, unbottled, but a very good one, at an excellent report quality/price. Also, if you are lucky enough, you will find the offer of the day (look after Meniul zilei) , which means a three course menu for 4-5 Euros. Really a bargain, but at the rush hours these restaurants are overcrowded with students, of course! Discover please the hidden restaurant Gara Lipscani, while having a walk in the old downtown on Lipscani street. You will find there a relaxed atmosphere and a wide assortment of salads, grills etc!
A student cosy atmosphere and a good Romanian kitchen in Gara Lipscani

Also to visit for a frugal meal, Spring Time, in the center, near University, on Academy street, or in the Railway station. Very beloved among students, you can eat very good and very cheap pizza, salad, deserts, and even shaowarma.
Carul cu bere on Stavropoleos street is really special

 If you are not necessary on a budget, visit the exquisite Carul cu Bere, which is traditionally the meeting point of the local intelighentsia since 100 years. It has interesting Neogothic interiors and glassworks, and the prices are still democratic. The kitchen is also excellent, but you need a prior reservation, otherwise is difficult to get a table.
Casa Doina is one of the most exquisite locations in Bucarest

Enjoy further the tasty juicy Romanian kitchen in some exquisite location, e.g in House Doina, on Kiseleff street. The house hosting you is totally special, from 1889, and represented Romania to a Paris exhibition. Excellent careful service, and exquisite Romanian kitchen, really at its best. A good place for celebrations, special invitation, etc.

Maybe I should stop the list, as I am terrible hungry. I will try today a good portion of beans with sausages, enjoying also a good glass of exquisite wine ( Grasa de Cotnari, a half dried white). Cheers.

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