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Must see in Romania: Craiova

The city of Craiova is doubtless a regional Capital of Oltenia, Romanian province. Which is maybe the most Romanian provinces of all, and the Romanians from this province are much more passionate and hot blooded, comparing with other provinces, like Transilvania and Moldavia.
Downtown of Craiova at night, with spectacular fountain and the monumental City Hall. Also spectacular in daylight. and a magnetic target for a long walk, among locals and tourists

The people of Oltenia have something special, you can't get in other parts of the country. They are very proud, they are very patriots and have a special sense of humor, and all these things make them a favorite subject of the popular jokes. They speak quickly and ue a special form of past Tense, making them so easy to recognize. Oltenia and Craiova gave some distinguished personalities to the Romanian and  Universal history. 
Mihai Viteazul (Michael the Brave) was first a ban of Craiova, and after Ruler of all Wallachia. He even succeed unifying for the first time all the Romanian countries (Wallachia, Moldavia and Transilvania)

In Middle Age the province of Oltenia has been ruled by the Craiovescu family, from Craiova of course. They hold the title of bans, and were entitles to make coins with their faces (and today, ban in Romanian means money!).Earlier, in the antic Roman times, on these places has been settled the fortress of Pelendava, due to the excellent regional position, to the middle of the way between mountains and Danube.
St Dumitru Church is a brillant example of Architecture

Today, is really a pleasure living in Craiova, and an event to visit it. The local park is one of the most beautiful Romaniawide, while the Art Museum one of the richest. Besides, you have so many things to do in Craiova: e.g a long walk in the Downtown, admiring the old Architecture (e.g. Madona Dudu church, City Hall, National college, the equestrian statue of Michael the Brave, a Romanian national hero. You can find also a leading Romanian National Theatre, and if you are lucky you can even get a show of Tudor Gheorghe, very well known and beloved Romanian Composer and Singer. Tudor Gheorghe is an amazing one man show, holding a full hall in his hand for hours.

From Craiova you can make shorter or longer trips in the neighborhood. Visit Targu Jiu and trive on Transalpina, offering you a unique panorama of the mountains, and reach Transilvania and Sibiu. A special mention for Ranca, a winter resort, where you can ski. Another possible short trip, also in the mountains, is Petrosani and Valea Jiului. If you are not a mountain freak, bag you pardon: go in the opposite direction, to the Danube, in the port of Calafat. And if you are in the mood to combine the mountain and the water, look for Drobeta Turnu Severin and Portile de Fier (Iron Gates), which offer memorable landscapes. Very near is also the vineyard from Segarcea, where we can organize wine tasting.

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